俄烏戰爭的馬基維利觀點 | Huang Jun-Xiang






對「俄烏戰爭的馬基維利觀點 | Huang Jun-Xiang」的一則回應

  1. To the author: you’ve very clearly lost your mind. So you’re actually encouraging the use of weapons of mass destruction. This is so incredibly bonkers that I don’t even know how anyone can take this seriously. So after Ukraine is nuked, and turned into a nuclear wasteland, you’re saying Taiwan’s next. This means you’re okay with there being a radioactive wasteland just several miles off the coast of China. All this just to stoke your unificationist waishengren ego.

    I know this blog is a safe space for waishengren unificationist extremists, but even in view of that, this article is so crazy that I can’t understand why the editors saw fit to print it.

    Here’s a thought for you: why are you carrying putin’s water? if your motherland invaded TAiwan [my country, very clearly not yours], i know for sure that putin wouldn’t even care. He’d chuckle, sit back and watch the show: look at these “Ch***s" killing themselves. You’re cheering russia on because you have a colonial mentality, and that comes from you being on this opiate called confucianism. You’re hoping that by giving russia support, when the time comes russia will support your homicidal campaign against TAiwan. Because being the confucian that you are, you’re a perpetual “student" incapable of standing on his own two feet, always on the look out for a teacher/sponsor to give you shelter and protection. In this case, russia fits the bill. To you, russia is the WHITE saviour you’ve been looking for.

    Here’s a reality check: Russia has wrecked itself. It might be able to “win" in Ukraine, but given the effectiveness and, yes, the ruthlessness, of the western sanctions, in ten years, in russia, there’ll be nothing but mud, grinding poverty, sickness, and hate.

    1. 這位黃先生的留言,其中提到『馬基維利』,更提到『沙皇炸彈』;

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